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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Clean This Spring

The vibrant colors of the flowers, the fresh mild air, the sound of nature wherever you walk; who doesn’t love spring? Everyone gets excited when the warmer weather comes around, but on the road to summer, things can get a little messy (and muddy).

We all know that our dogs love to explore outside, especially with all the different smells that spring brings. Here are some tips to keep them from bringing the spring smells and mud into your home.

1.Train your dog to wipe their paws

It’s always good to start training your dog while they’re young. If your dog doesn’t already know how to wipe their paws after coming inside, now is a great time to teach them. Make sure to have a towel or rug that they can use upon entering. Don’t forget that it’s never too late to learn, especially with these nifty all natural training treats.

If your dog doesn’t quite grasp the concept of wiping their paws when they come in, you can also have them stand still while you wipe all four feet your self.

2.Leave In Shampoo

You might not be able to bring your dog to their local groomer’s to get cleaned when they get dirty, or it might be a hassle to give your dog a bath in the bathtub. Try Leave -in shampoo or waterless baths for dogs! This will help get rid of all the unpleasant smells that they might bring in with them after they’ve done frolicking outside. Make sure to look for a natural shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.


A great way to make sure that your dog doesn’t carry around any extra smells is to brush their fur regularly. This will not only get rid of any hairs that are being shed, but it removes any small pieces of debris or dirt. If you haven’t bought a dog brush before, you might have to consult your local groomer or pet store. Depending on the breed of your dog and the type of coat they have, you might require a heavier duty brush or comb.

4.Clean the bed

Keeping a clean bed is super important when it comes to keeping your dog clean for spring. Imagine if you go into your own bed night after night after you’ve been rolling around in the dirt and grass all day. Your bed would stink too. Vacuum or wipe clean your dog’s bed regularly, it is also a good idea to put an old bed sheet over top it for easy washing.

5.Keep Nails Trimmed

When your dog is having fun outside, it is almost a guarantee that they will get dirt under their fingernails. Keeping the nails trimmed will mean that there is less of an area for dirt to get caught under. You can trim your dog’s nails yourself, or bring them to your local pet store or dog salon/groomers. Do whatever is most comfortable for you.


There is nothing like the joy on a dog’s face when they are outside and enjoying everything that mother nature has to offer. But remember they can still have fun without all the springtime odors! Enjoy the weather!


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