Woman Shopping Online With Her Dog Beside Her

A Pet Parent's Guide: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The last weekend of November is a time for getting the best deals of the year! As pet parents ourselves, we want to ensure you and your pup have the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday possible.

Black Friday

Black Friday is an incredibly exciting day for people. The ability to get amazing deals just in time for Christmas drives people out in droves to stores and shopping malls across North America. Black Friday deals now extend throughout the whole weekend, making it one of the busiest times to be out and about.

The need to get these deals before they sell out leads to erratic behaviour by some consumers and a situation that overwhelms even the most seasoned shopper. People can be aggressive during their shopping and a dog may match this aggression if they feel loved one is threatened. This chaotic atmosphere is harmful to a dog’s emotional state as it can be overstimulating and confusing.

Keeping a dog physically safe can be hard to do on Black Friday. Dogs can be stepped on due to the large amount of people and trampled when crowds get out of hand. The last thing any pet parent wants is to have their pooch hurt and keeping them away from busy areas on Black Friday is advisable.

While we all love to bring our best friends everywhere, we go, keeping them home on the Black Friday weekend is a better choice. Don’t worry about leaving your pups, just make sure they’ve done their business, have enough food and water, and send them some yummy Beef Tendersticks treats as a condolence. 

Cyber Monday 

Cyber Monday is a time to search the web for the best deals and relax after the excitement of Black Friday. As opposed to Black Friday, we fully encourage you to take your pup shopping with you for Cyber Monday deals! These deals start early on the weekend and last until late Monday night.  

Shopping online is a great time to spend some quality time with your favorite friend who can keep you company while you find the best deals. While getting your Christmas shopping in, having them beside you or on your lap is quality time everyone appreciates. As a bonus, patting them is a stress reliever for both you and them, something we all need on our days off!

During your time shopping, don’t forget to buy gifts for your beloved pooch! Christmas is a time for the whole family, and pets love being included in the Christmas morning festivities. We suggest getting them treats as it offers them instant gratification and can occupy their time for the duration of gift opening. Our Beef Tendersticks are the ideal gift having a soft texture that is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes.
The last weekend of November is the official start of the Christmas season, making it a very exciting one for pets and their parents. We hope that with our guide, your family can have a safe and happy time from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.             


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